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All the information you need about healthcare providers in Africa

The Medpages Professional Search gives everyone at your organisation 24/7 access to the full Medpages Database. Easily find the information you need about healthcare providers, anytime.

The Pro Search is always available wherever you have an internet connection. The information is continually updated, and of the highest quality.

The Pro Search is easy to use. Just type in what you want to search for, using the detailed search criteria options, and then get the results. Click on a result to see that healthcare provider's up to date details.

The Pro Search is the simplest and most instant way to use the Medpages Database. There is no need to install or synchronise databases, we've hosted the database for you. You don't need to get your IT department involved; it's ready-to-go. You access it like you access any of your cloud services: instantly. Just turn it on and you're instantly accessing the Who, What and Where of Healthcare.


actively managed records

You'll easily find the healthcare providers you want

Whether you're looking for a specific person (Dr Johann Alberts), or all the healthcare providers of a particular speciality (all General Practitioners), or for healthcare providers in a particular area (all pharmacies in Pretoria), you'll easily find them with Pro Search.

Built so that you can find the healthcare providers you are looking for, Pro Search let's you search by:

  • Name
  • Speciality / Service
  • Registration Number
  • Geographic area (from suburb to country)
  • and more…

Pro Search examples

Search for Cardiologists in South Africa in Gauteng

Search for Pharmacies in South Africa in Western Cape in Southern Suburbs

Search for Cardiologists by Suburb Claremont

Search by Name for Muller in Namibia

Search by Name for Muller with speciality General Practitioner (GP) in Namibia in Karas

Search by Council Number (HPCSA) for MP0562255

Search by Telephone Number for +27 21 441 9700

Search by Email for

What information do I get?

For each healthcare provider you get accurate and up‐to‐date information including full name, speciality / service, fields of interest, registration numbers, landline, cell, email, postal address, physical address, a map, wholesaler / distributor numbers, links to workplaces, links to people working there, links to branches, and much, much more.

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Get full detailed contact Information for healthcare providers    
Use detailed search criteria to easily and quickly find healthcare practitioners    
Search through results quickly – get 50 search results per page    
Download your search results, and import into Excel (including telephone and email)    
Search by your organisation's own ranking system and territories    
Maps and directions    
You are always accessing the freshest, most up‐to‐date information on healthcare providers    
No ads    
People records show links to their workplaces, and places they are associated with    
Organisation records show links to the people working there, all branches, and accounting bureaus    

Companies love Medpages Pro Search because it's…

Easy and quick to find the healthcare providers you want

Ready-to-use, and always available

The information is always fresh, and of high-quality

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Get the Who, What and Where of Healthcare all the time online