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Telephone +27 11 624 2717
Telephone +27 11 624 2718
Cell +27 82 606 3225
Fax +27 11 624 2340
Address 3rd Floor Buildex Building
433 Commissioner Street
Fairview, 2094
Location Johannesburg, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm

Since 1934 our company has been pioneers in the field of herbal remedies in South Africa. This has afforded us the advantage of selecting the best quality herbal ingredients to successfully manufacture medicinal products locally. Our vast ranges of herbal medicinal products have complied with the Medicine Control Council regulation act Read More

of 1965.

We believe in our products, with formulations displaying wonderful proven healing properties. Our product range includes herbal medicinal preparations and herbal tea for chronic ailments, herb consumables, herbal medicated ointments, herbal hair treatments as well as a range of over 150 simplex herbs. We also hold the rights to distribute the well known Swiss herbal medicinal brands such as Hermes, Dr Ernst Richter's and Kernosan.

Herbalism is an ancient art that has a firm link with modern day pharmacology. Many herbal medications have been utilised effectively for generations. Today there is a growing need to continue this aged old tradition of potentially very potent herbal remedies in the treatment and prevention of illness. Herbal medicinal plants are used to prevent and cure disease and have been the basis for many modern pharmaceuticals, and plant based ingredients that are found in a large percentage of pharmaceuticals.

The natural use of herbs in preventative health care has grown substantially in the last decade mainly due to the fact that people are seeing the application of herbal medicine as a far more natural way of maintaining their health and offers fewer side effects, contra-indications or allergic reactions..

Herbal medicines come in a variety of forms and can be administered as infusions (teas), decoctions, pills, capsules, powder, liquid extracts or tinctures. They can be externally applied in the forms of creams and lotions, compresses and poultices.

Medicinal herbs are very powerful and we should be aware that there are also some toxic and carcinogenic herbs. People who prefer to use herbs as an alternative to mainstream medicine should consult a recognised health professional or traditional healer, a herbalist, Chinese herbal practitioner, ayurvedic practitioner, naturopath or an integrated medical practitioner who utilises herbal remedies in the practise.

We would also like to introduce ourselves as a service orientated, herbal pharmaceutical company, i.e. we can design, register and supply you with OTC herbal medicines.

As we are a team of professional pharmacists and doctors, we can offer educational services and literature and possibly a closer cooperation with yourselves.

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