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Medpages database

Incomplete, incorrect and out of date information, versus the Medpages Database – complete, accurate and up to date.

391,735 actively managed healthcare records…

Why do I need it?

Your company probably has a customer master – a single list of all your customers and their details. The problem is that it is enormously time‐consuming to keep it up to date and complete because your customers move, change numbers and change other information too. It is even more likely that different parts of your organisation are keeping their own customer masters; so work is duplicated and the view is fragmented.

Subscribing to the Medpages Database gives your entire organisation a coherent view of your customers and a continuously updated database of healthcare providers in South Africa and Africa.

Instead of you doing the work of maintaining a database, our dedicated team does it. This team are in daily telephonic contact with healthcare providers updating their information, or adding new providers to the database.

In the unlikely event that you find a healthcare provider that is missing from the database, or needs updating, you let us know, and we do the rest.
You get the benefit of all these updates, by receiving regular (daily or weekly) updates from us.

What can I use it for?

Instantly access thousands of healthcare providers

Target new customers

Plan sales territories

Make marketing more effective

Manage relationships with customers (CRM)

Administer claims

Manage accounting and billing

Get ahead with business intelligence

PoPI compliance (Protection of Public Information Act)

What's inside?

The Medpages Database contains high-quality information that you can integrate into your systems. The database currently contains 391,735 actively-managed healthcare-provider records for Africa.

For each healthcare provider you get accurate and up-to-date information including name, speciality / service, landline, cell, email, postal address, physical address, geolocation, registration numbers, and much, much more.

A quality database

The Medpages Database contains only quality, complete and up-to-date information. Here's how we do it:

  1. A dedicated team of specialists are in daily telephonic contact with healthcare providers, updating and adding new information.
  2. We use data-quality profiling tools to continuously improve the data quality.
  3. We implement a rigorous quality assurance process.

In recognition of our data quality the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) awarded us a Gold Assegai Award. Our high standards have also been recognised by achieving Centre of Excellence membership at DMASA. The Medpages Database is PoPI (Protection of Public Information) compliant.

Poor data quality costs revenue in lost opportunities. Poor quality data is the top reason for CRM and business intelligence failure. Don't waste time and money, use the recognised high-quality Medpages Database.

The dedicated team who are in daily contact with healthcare providers:

Here's what the team is working on right now…

Newly added healthcare providers


in the last week


in the last month


in the last year

Updated healthcare providers


in the last week


in the last month


in the last year

Easy integration into all your systems

The Medpages Database is software agnostic – it will work with any software system. For example you can integrate it into your:

  • CRM software
  • Call reporting system
  • Territory management system
  • Claims administration system
  • Hospital management system
  • Accounting software
  • Billing system
  • Business intelligence software

Regular feeds of any updates or additions are sent to you at the desired frequency, keeping your installation up to date. Everyone in your organisation will be working off the same quality information: a unified view.

Just some of the systems we've integrated with:

Companies love the Medpages Database because it is:

High-quality data

Easy to integrate

A cost decreaser and a revenue increaser

A subscription to the Medpages Database also includes the ready-to-use Medpages Pro Search, which gives your whole company instant online access to the database.

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Get the Who, What and Where of Healthcare for Africa