See your business data on a map. And get new insights.

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Discover the insights hidden in your business data

Most business data has a location component to it. For example: where your customers are, the geographical distribution of your facilities, or the composition of your sales territories. We'll help you to discover the insights in your business data.

Often your data is locked up in spreadsheets. We'll put it on a map; an intuitive and visual way for you to understand data.

Medpages has teamed up with the mapping experts 28East, a certified Google Maps partner, to bring you a service that combines your business data, with the Medpages data, and puts it on a map. Giving you new insights into your business.

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What can I use it for?

Territory optimisation

Facilities planning

Where to site a new pharmacy, hospital, etc.

Designated service provider network optimisation

Routing and logistics

Business intelligence

What our clients are saying about seeing their business data on a map…

The work you have assisted with will certainly provide us with a competitive advantage we so desperately need in this highly competitive market.

Greg Bryant, Country Manager, Bayer Diabetes Care

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support, insight and hard work to complete this project. It has been very helpful to provide the entire team with critical knowledge about the market, our current focus and opportunities to increase the impact of our sales efforts. I truly believe this exercise has been crucial to help us take our performance to the next level in 2014 and drive future success!

Remus Negut, Senior Brand Manager, Bayer Diabetes Care

Some of the companies that are benefitting by using Medpages

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See your business data on a map. And get new insights.