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Looking for a nearby doctor or pharmacy? Need their telephone number? Their address and directions? Use Medpages to find healthcare providers near you or anywhere in Africa. Find doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. If they're in healthcare they're in Medpages.


  • An easy and intuitive search – just type in what or whom you're looking for.
  • See where healthcare providers are on a map. And get directions.
  • Get healthcare providers's telephone numbers and addresses.

Free vs Pro Search

The Medpages Free Search is public service – putting the public in contact with the healthcare providers they are searching for. With the Free Search the information shown for a healthcare provider is a small subset of the full content in the Medpages Database. If you're in healthcare and need the full content then find out more about the Medpages Pro Search.

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Get full detailed contact Information for healthcare providers    
Use detailed search criteria to easily and quickly find healthcare practitioners    
Search through results quickly – get 50 search results per page    
Download your search results, and import into Excel (including telephone and email)    
Search by your organisation's own ranking system and territories    
Maps and directions    
You are always accessing the freshest, most up-to-date information on healthcare providers    
No ads    
People records show links to their workplaces, and places they are associated with    
Organisation records show links to the people working there, all branches, and accounting bureaus    

Find doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.