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What will my listing look like?

A listing shows your name, photo, professional speciality, telephone number, address and where you are on the map. This will help new and existing patients, clients or customers find you.

If you'd like to show more information about yourself or your practice, as well as using the hugely successful Request an Appointment feature, then upgrade to a Highlighted Listing.

Standard Listing
Highlighted Listing
Basic contact information including landline, address, etc    
Detailed contact information cell, fax, website, etc.    
Your qualifications    
Your professional fields of interest    
Map and directions    
New and existing patients can request an appointment, anytime, online    
Show a detailed professional biography    
Highlight your practice for free, and show links to your workplaces    
Your listing gets displayed before standard listings when patients search on Medpages    
You are promoted on other listings    
Get access to detailed up to date professional contact information on specialists for quick and accurate patient referrals    
Price Free R2,300 per year

How do I list myself (or an organisation)?

It's quick and easy, just click Get Listed, and add your information. We'll confirm it's you by phoning you.

If you want to add your doctor, a colleague, or any other healthcare professional or organisation you know, you can on their behalf.

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Get listed on Medpages – Africa's Number One healthcare directory